Saturday, December 8, 2012

Post-Term Review

Well the concert was this past Wednesday night and somehow magically (at least for me) it all came together! Obviously there were things that I would change, and things that I loved. My performers were awesome and I only wish that I had given them the opportunity to have more time with the score, however they did great for the lack of time/rehearsing we did for this! I also fear that my piece wasn't quite as effective as I'd had hoped (read: I don't know if I really did the whole dubstep thing complete justice..), but again, with the time that I had I'm happy with the overall product. Everyone should be really proud! We had a strong concert, lots of great music. 

This term as a whole has been great as the composition class has challenged me in various areas of composition. Whether that be building a piece and trying to make sense of chords created at random (which turned out quite well in my opinion!) or taking a specific idea or goal and composing something that reflects that.

So hopefully I can do some minor composing over the break (as in small amounts, not solely in minor keys)..

Although my break is pretty cray as well in terms of how busy I am. Though a lack of school is a welcomed thing for a month. And Christmas is pretty best kind too...

In conclusion: It's been a great term. Ups, downs, stress, you name it. But we got through, and learned a lot, and that's the main thing!

SO until next time,


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